• Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM. We have evening programming Monday – Thursday until 9PM, but do not always have someone available to answer the phones during this time.
  • We specialize in working with adult men and women who struggle with chemical addiction, mental health, and a history of criminal behavior. Our evidence-based approach has proved to keep people sober, safe, and out of jail!
  • All three outpatient facilities follow the same model. Clients can enter our treatment at high, medium, and low intensity levels.
    • High intensity:
      • Clinical treatment services are Monday- Friday 8:10AM-4:30PM
      • Majority of time is spent in group sessions; with at least one individual session per week
      • Our groups include addiction education, cognitive therapy, MRT, yoga, trauma, life skills, and relapse
      • Most clients are in our lodging, but are not required to be
      • Focus is solely on recovery, clients are not working during this level of care
      • Duration of level of care is 8 – 12 weeks, based on client progress
    • Medium intensity:
      • Clinical treatment services are Monday – Thursday 8:10AM-12PM or Monday-Thursday 5PM-9PM.
      • Time on site is spent in group and one individual session per week.
      • Groups are similar to high intensity, but different in dosage
      • Clients are working part-time, or going to school, or volunteering in a meaningful way in the community
      • Duration of level of care is 8 – 12 weeks, based on client progress
    • Low Intensity:
      • Clinical treatment services at 1-8 hours per week based solely on the client’s needs
      • Time can be spent in one individual session each week, or in group sessions
      • Clients are working full time or going to school full-time
      • Duration of level of care is ongoing based on client needs. This could last several weeks or years – all determined by the client and their desired support.

Please e-mail and we’ll respond within 48 hours! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Give us a call at 612-767-6601 and ask to speak to our admissions team. We’re happy to guide you through the steps needed!

There is no offense that will stop you from being accepted into treatment. We do a comprehensive analysis with your admission paperwork to determine if RCCS is the best place for you to get help.

While we encourage smoking cessation due to the health risks from smoking, RCCS has smoking designated places at each facility for client and staff use.

RCCS has some sober supportive lodging available for clients who are in our high and medium intensity programming. The housing priority is for the high intensity clients.

It is not required for you to live in RCCS housing. If you do not have a safe and sober place to stay, we recommend staying in our housing to assist you in focusing on your recovery.

Yes! You can make and receive phone calls when you’re on break from groups, or when you’re outside of treatment hours. If you enter RCCS at our high intensity level, your phone will be held at the facility during your acclimation period. It can be tough to turn in your cell phone, but taking this time to work on yourself and your future can ensure you’re moving in the direction you want!

When you come into treatment, working on improving yourself is your full-time job. There is no time for you to work and be in high intensity outpatient. If/when you’re in medium intensity level, you’ll be able to work part-time or attend school, while maintaining treatment as a priority. RCCS will assist by connecting you with employers and community resources to make this transition as smooth as possible. In low intensity, we expect that you’ve found full-time work or school, and are coming into treatment a couple of times per week.

Referent Questions

Always feel free to give us a call with any questions at 612-767-6601. Otherwise, you can fax a referral to 612-767-9832 or e-mail Upon receipt of a referral, we’ll reach out to confirm we’ve received it, and follow up with any questions we have within 48 hours.

  • Clients who have criminal histories along with their addiction – these are the only clients we serve.
    • There are no criminally excluded charges
  • Clients who need a safe sober living space
  • Clients who need a structured supportive environment
  • Clients who need additional support with ancillary community integration
  • MAT friendly
  • Level 1 and 2 Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) offenders are accepted and housed
    • Level 3 CSC clients can be accepting into the program, but not in our lodging based on community restrictions

Our staff partner with probation lock-step with treatment. When a client is admitted, probation will receive a call to inform them that their client has arrived, and who has been assigned as their primary counselor. The primary counselor will call the probation officer within the first two weeks of the client being in treatment to schedule a face to face with the client, counselor, and probation officer. From there, the counselor and probation officer will determine the level and type of communication desired on an ongoing basis.

Yes! We travel to the following facilities: Lino Lakes, Stillwater, Faribault, Rush City, Shakopee, and St. Cloud. We require a minimum of 2 Chemical health assessments to send an employee to a facility. Give us a call at 612-767-6601 or e-mail us at to learn more about what we need to get your client on our list!