RCCS provides addiction and mental health services exclusively for those who struggle with a history of criminal behavior. We focus on high intensity, outpatient program (40 hours/week) for adult men and women with locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We help our clients stay clean and out of jail. RCCS has 6 assessors on staff and collaborate directly with correction officers to assist people as they transition to life beyond their convictions.

RCCS uses Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT): a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specifically designed to treat criminogenic thinking. We teach our clients how to redirect misguided thoughts so they can change the behaviors and stop the revolving door of jails and prisons.

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Connecting community and clinical services

RCCS has three community-based outpatient treatment facilities. Two facilities in North Minneapolis (one exclusively for adult women, and one for adult men), and a third men’s program in the North End of St. Paul.

We specialize in working with those who struggle with chemical addiction, mental health, and have a history or criminal behavior. Our evidence-based approach has proved to keep people sober, safe, and out of jail!

We rely on our expert clinicians to help clients tackle the hard work of transformation, and collaborate with existing community resources to cover other individual needs. Examples of individual needs we manage are: getting medical insurance, setting up Doctor’s appointments, connecting to ARHMS workers, finding clothing, and connecting to county social services.

Supportive sober housing is available to clients who are entering our program at high or medium intensity. RCCS believes that if client’s basic needs aren’t taken care of, they will not have the ability to focus on moving into recovery.

In custody
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Ramsey County Correctional Facility

Our newest treatment location, started in 2017, is housed inside the Ramsey County Correctional Facility (RCCF). We complete chemical health assessments on site, and provide low intensity treatment services while clients are serving their time. Upon release from RCCF, our clinical team may recommend continued treatment services in the community, depending upon the needs of the individual.

Three entry points into treatment

All three outpatient facilities follow the same model.
Clients can enter our treatment at high, medium, and low intensity levels.