Complete Chemical Health Assessment “Rule 25”

In order to receive treatment services, at RCCS or any other facility, a person needs to complete a Chemical Health Assessment. This is more casually referred to as a “Rule 25.” This assessment generally takes up to 2 hours to complete and will ask questions about your personal background, use history, and mental health. This is generally covered 100% by insurance or Medical Assistance. If you makes over a certain threshold (as discussed with our scheduler) you may be responsible to pay $125 for the interview.
Call 612-767-6601 and ask to speak to our Assessment Scheduler

Chemical assessor gathers info for approval

The Chemical Health Assessor reaches out to people you approve them to, in order to ask follow up questions regarding your reported use.

The Assessor has up to 10 days to gather the collateral information and submit to insurance for approval

Assessor reaches out to you with a treatment recommendation

Upon receiving approval the Assessor will reach out to you to inform them of the level of care and treatment facility they’re recommended for.

If you do not agree with the recommendation, you’re able to seek a second opinion.

What to expect if a you’re referred to RCCS

You will receive a call from our admission team within 48 hours of receiving the

We’ll educate you on our program and get any questions answered that we

If you’re approved for treatment, we’ll work to set up an admission date ASAP.

If you’re denied for some reason, we’ll work with their Chemical Health Assessor to suggest a different treatment recommendation.