Guys cooking sober living RCCS Lodging

Men’s Program

Men live with other men during treatment. RCCS Lodging is shared within a healthy recovery environment where life skills are modeled and taught. Men are transported daily to the St. Paul out-patient location for individual and group therapy sessions.  Each resident works with their Peer Recovery Team during treatment.

RCCS housing made it possible for me to make the successful transition from prison. Great group of guys and the staff was there for me during the tough times. 

Sober Living Resident, Men’s Program

Women’s Program

Women live with other women during out-patient treatment at RCCS. While living in a healthy recovery setting, residents learn valuable life skills and socialization. At the Minneapolis out-patient location, women participate in individual counseling and group therapy sessions. For women with children, parenting support may be included as part of the Peer Recovery plan. 

Women Roommates Lodging

Living in the RCCS sober living program helped me to get back on my feet. I learned how to follow a steady routine and stay focused on my recovery.


Sober Living Resident, Women’s Program

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