Men’s Programs

RCCS Men's Programs

What We Do

Our focus is on supporting men in treatment as they learn how to make healthier life choices. Men face unique challenges when they go through the recovery process. Customized for each client, treatment plans are developed based on the individual  needs of each client.

I became willing to learn new skills,
to let go of my anger, and learn to trust again.

It sure wasn’t easy, it’s a challenge,
but it’s worth it!

RCCS Men’s Program Alumnus, 2014

Core Curriculum Overview


Moral Reconation Therapy

  • NCognitive-Behavioral Treatment
  • NStep-By-Step Strategy
  • NLearn How to Trust
  • NEnhance Self-Image & Confidence
  • NPromote Positive Growth
  • NDevelop Moral Reasoning

Trauma Groups

Understanding PTSD & SUD

  • NLearn How to Reduce Arousal
  • NLearn How to Reduce Avoidance
  • NCognitive Behavioral Interventions
  • NSubstance Use Disorder (SUD)
  • NLearn How to Cope with & Process Symptoms of Past Trauma

Dual Diagnosis

Co-Occurring Mental Health

  • NProvide Education & Understanding
  • NIdentify Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders
  • NLearn How to Recognize Negative Trigger Points
  • NLearn Coping Skills
  • NGet Support to Help Achieve Stability

Risk Reduction

Reduce Criminal Thinking

  • NHelp Change Criminal Thinking & Behavior
  • NLearn New Coping Strategies
  • NPractice New Thinking Habits & Behavior
  • NDiscover Patterns to Prevent Re-Offending
  • NLearn New Insights



  • NUnderstand Trigger Points
  • NLearn New Coping Strategies
  • NLearn How to Stop Before You Start
  • NPractice New Anger Management Skills
  • NLearn Through Group Interaction

Recovery /

SUD Skills

  • NProvide Group Support
  • NEarly-On Relapse Prevention Insights & Skills
  • NLearn How to Socialize in a Drug-Free Environment
  • NDevelop a Strong Commitment to Long-Term Recovery

Life Skills


  • NLearn Basic Independent Living Skills
  • NFocus on Job Skills & Training
  • NDiscover Educational Options
  • NFind a New Vocation
  • NLearn New Money Habits
  • NGet New Social Skills

Healthy Living


  • NLearn Holistic View of Wellness
  • NDiscuss Risky Behaviors & Consequences
  • NGet Peer Support to Make Healthy Life Choices
  • NLearn to Develop Healthy New Habits
  • NBuild New Relationships

The Ongoing Journey…

As treatment progresses, there are many challenges and milestones along the way. Even temporary relapse can be an important part of learning how to make different choices in life.

The important thing is to keep engaged in the treatment and recovery process.  The skills learned throughout the recovery journey can be used anywhere, anytime. And we’re here for you, every step of the way.

Jump for Recovery

Jump For Recovery RCCS Men's Programs

Every client has potential, and can earn the opportunity to grow beyond their present circumstances.

At RCCS, we believe in second, third and even more chances. Early on, we incorporated the opportunity for clients who reach certain milestones in their recovery, to participate in a tandem skydiving jump.

This “rite of passage” carries very significant meaning for those who participate towards the end of their treatment at RCCS. Recovery is a leap of faith. It’s a journey we can’t take alone. And learning how to let go of the past is the only way to truly move forward.

Graduation & Alumni

Mental Health Professional RCCS Men's Programs

Graduating from treatment at RCCS means that a new chapter is beginning. Commitment to ongoing daily recovery takes great courage.

After treatment, ongoing support is needed to keep recovery moving forward.  Part of your treatment plan will be to connect with other community resources, to help you make a successful transition from treatment to independent living.

As an RCCS Alumni, your experience can be invaluable to someone who is just getting started.  We’re working on developing new opportunities for graduates who would like to stay connected.  Stay tuned for updates!

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.